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The insurance company is saying that it doesn’t have to pay.

It says:

  • There is an exclusion in the policy, or
  • That special lower policy limits apply, or
  • That certain people related to the insured are not entitled to coverage, or
  • That some other excuse–based on highly technical insurance language–excuses it from paying the claim.

You need an experienced hand to fight these claims.

You’ve done everything else to prepare your case.

But dealing with insurance policy jargon is not part of your arsenal.

My job is to fill that gap.

I get into the trenches of the insurance policy battle:

  • to show flaws in the policy language,
  • to exploit mistakes made by the insurance company,
  • to get you the full insurance policy benefits for your and your client.

Our firm has worked with Greg on several matters including cases involving significant and complex insurance coverage issues. He is extremely knowledgeable and quite creative when it comes to insurance coverage. He is easy to work with and very responsive.

He has been very helpful to us and I have no hesitation in recommending his service to anyone who may be interested.

Irwin Zalkin
Founding Partner, Zalkin Law Firm P.C.

Greg was working with opposing counsel all the way through trial. It was obvious to me that he brought intelligence, hard work, and a very experienced hand to the case. For adding value and coming up with really unique ideas, I can highly recommend him for anyone looking to solidify and boost the value of their cases.

Kevin Gramling, Esq.
Managing Shareholder, Klinedinst Attorneys

What happens after we connect:

  1. You tell me about your case.
  2. You send me the necessary documents.
  3. We make a plan to attack the argument.
  4. I provide you with the written response you need–a brief, a demand letter–whatever the situation requires.
  5. There is a flat fee for the work; no surprises.
  6. The insurance problem is solved.

Just some of the things I can help you with:

  1. A written response to an insurer’s denial of coverage.
  2. A strategy to show how the facts of your case trigger the defendant’s coverage.
  3. A point-by-point review of the available coverage to show vulnerabilities in the policy language.
  4. Advice about how other potential coverage may be implicated in your client’s case.

This is serious business, and it is only for cases where there is an insurance problem.

I am regularly retained by the best Plaintiff law firms in California, and for many others throughout the United States, because they know they need someone who

  • understands policies,
  • who knows how to pressure insurance companies, and
  • who has delivered results for them before.

They understand that to beat the insurance companies, you don’t just yell louder.

You need solid, well-thought-out strategies that convince the insurance company that they will lose if they do not change their position.


My name is Greg Stannard. I help plaintiff’s lawyers who represent people against defendants and insurance companies.

Plaintiff’s lawyers have huge demands on their time, and they provide their clients with an impressive array of skills to advocate for them.

One of those skills that they often find most challenging, however, is how to fight an insurance company who is saying that–for whatever reason–the claim is not covered, or that it is limited in some way.

I was a trial lawyer for 30 years. I’ve represented insurance companies, I’ve written insurance policies, I’ve represented plaintiffs against insurance companies, handled appeals, summary judgments, mediations, nearly everything that any competent plaintiff lawyer would handle against big companies and insurers.

I know how the business works, and I know what plaintiff lawyers need when they face off against an insurer that is saying there is a coverage problem.

Greg is our “go to” guy for our insurance coverage issues. He’s got tons of experience, he knows how to quickly get right to our issue, and he’s made a huge difference by coming up with ingenious ideas for finding and opening up insurance coverage. Thanks to his ideas, we’ve been able to add value to our cases.

Eric E Castelblanco, Esq.
Founder, Castelblanco Law Group, APLC

Greg was so instrumental in helping us with a very large sexual harassment case. He was not only able to show that the defense lawyers enormous billings were dramatically reducing the coverage available for the defense (creating an huge conflict for them), but he also showed that our attorney fee claims were actually covered by that same insurance. It was fantastic argument, and it set up a strategy that put us in a great position to settle the case for a substantial amount of money

Brian Hanneman
Hanneman Law Firm