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Insurance companies are in the business of saying “no” to plaintiff lawyers.

They have huge resources at their fingertips: Experienced adjusters working with insurance policies every day, eager defense attorneys who litigate insurance controversies all the time, and decision-makers who are rewarded by taking on aggressive plaintiff lawyers.


Plaintiff lawyers are skilled in attracting clients who need committed lawyers as advocates.

They can gather supporting evidence (medical bills, witness statements, photographs and the proper experts) to make their case as powerful as possible.

Then, they present their clients’ cases in the most positive light.

But one thing most plaintiff lawyers can really use is an effective way to fight against the insurance company that says there is a coverage problem.


I’m Greg Stannard, and I created this website to provide you with ideas, strategies, and techniques to help plaintiff lawyers, when insurance companies say that their policies–for whatever reason–do not cover the claim being made.

For example, when insurers say…

  • The limits are lower than stated on the declarations page.
  • There is only a single “incident,” which limits their exposure.
  • That the conduct is limited to one policy period.
  • That some other insurer’s policy should apply instead of theirs.
  • That the insured’s conduct was not covered because there were “intentional acts.”

You get the idea.

Insurers are never short on reasons for their policies NOT to apply.

I have 30 years of exclusive civil litigation in California and Federal Courts, with massive experience in insurance coverage and bad faith. Some of the largest insurers in their fields retained me to represent them exclusively in California as their coverage counsel.

But now, the largest and most successful plaintiff law firms in California (and many in other states) have turned to me when needing compelling, persuasive, and game-changing responses to insurance companies that are trying to avoid paying claims covered by their policies.

Throughout my legal career, I’ve handled hundreds of mediations, 30 civil jury trials to verdict, hundreds of law and motion matters, and more than 20 appeals.

So I know what trial lawyers face–especially plaintiff lawyers.

I begin by using the ideas and concepts that insurance companies themselves employ to show that their interpretation of their policies is faulty.

My experience has given me the ability to show what arguments to use, and which to discard, when formulating the very best reasons that a policy should apply to the facts of a case.

And, I use 30 years of writing experience to show why an insurance policy is triggered.

Finally, I use visual and photographic tools to provide video versions of coverage arguments. The best thing about visual advocacy is how memorable they are to decision-makers on the other side.

They show innovation, provide clarity, and make an impression.

This website is here for one reason: To make it easier for you to succeed in taking on these insurance companies.

Look around. I hope that it can help you, and don’t hesitate to contact me if there is any other way I can help.